Joey, our Cockatiel

Joey was a very interesting and intelligent friendly bird that loved to impress and show off his personality. He learned to "wolf whistle" at an early age, and he used every appropriate opportunity to use it! I couldn't help laughing when one time I happened to be exercising with the TV personality in the morning. When I did a bend-over position, I heard a loud "wheeet!twhooo!". Almost embarassed, I turned around and said Thank You! to him.

Grandmother was another one that got his well-meaning graces. She was looking after Joey while we were on vacation. As most people do, sleeping in the buff is a normal thing. When she got up one night to go to the washroom, this time without a robe, a loud "wheeet!twhooo!" came out of the darkness. Laughing, she tells this story over and over again!

The old show with the Andy Griffith theme was another song Joey practiced alot. Sometimes, to entertain us, he would hang on one of his cage bars upside down singing a tune from "Dollar forty-nine days, Woodwards!". Joey would cuddle with my daughter and rub up against her neck and tickle her under her ear with his feathery crest, and share her orange juice that she held.

We miss him and his many antics. He was nothing short of an amazing, smart little birdfriend!

Janice Madison
True Story?: