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JujuLuka adopted Rostam as play mate and me as butler less then few months ago. She came to the home of Rostam. He is a strong and artist bird. He sings all the time. He flies all over the room three times in one shot without becoming tired.

In first couple of weeks jujuLuka did not get out of her little room. Although door of their room is always open. She was flying less than a meter from this branch to that branch to practice and make her wings strong. Rostam was always encouraging her to get out and fly to the curtain other side of my room. One day I saw both of them sitting on top of their room. Rostam was very happy. For a week jujuLuka was flying only in the kitchen.

Then I told them laziness is enough. Now we are going to fly long distances. We played this (123 game) three, four times a day. They were sitting on top of their branch that is on top of the filing cabinet in the kitchen and I was counting 1,2,3 and they were taking off and flying 10 meters to top of the curtain other side of the room. They were sitting there for a few minutes watching my computer monitor then going back to their room.

Rostam loves her a lot and sometimes pulls her feathers gently. Me too, but I do not pull her feathers. Yesterday she was not flying much. Today she ate a little then hiding behind the oven in the kitchen. I know she wants to go.

They always do that. Medical tests of vets, antibiotic injections and vitamins do not help. It just hurt them in last hours that they could close their eyes remembering all the games we played together. She is now sitting in my hand, meditating and every fifteen minutes opens her eyes looking at me and rest again.

Bhagavan Vedant Das
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Such a sad story but I am

Such a sad story but I am glad you had good times with your little friend.