The kissing barn owls

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This pair of barn owls have been snapped sharing a “kiss" before snuggling together in the fork of a tree. The birds stayed close to each other as they preened, ‘kissed', and flew together in woodland in Lea Marston, Warwickshire, England.

The barn owls, who found a spot in the trees where they began showing their affections to each other, are not a mating pair but sisters. The moment was captured by Leslie Arnott, 55, of Staffordshire, during a Country Events and Falconry partnership where he teaches people how to photograph static and flying birds of prey. He said: "The owls are trained, but they fly free in the woodland for customers to photograph them. They are quite hard conditions in the dark woodland, and the pair flew for a while before sharing their special moment. Despite the fact the birds are trained, it was so special when they alighted on the branch and started a little intimacy together. It was luck as much as skill to catch the split-second moment, and I'm very glad I did." 

Sourced and adapted from article at MailOnline, UK.


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