Lets Fight in a Friendly Manner

It was a nice sunny morning and i went outside to feed my ponies/horses called Jugatar, Rusty and Pippi. As i was scooping their feed my little 5 month old jack russel pup Boo-Boo sat by my side.

We bourght Boo-Boo from our friend (neighbors) who had the mum and dad and his brothers and sisters. His dad was a little round JR (Jack russel), short haired dog but he had his tail cut so it looked like a bun. His name was Buster. Boo-Boo's mums name was Daisy. Daisy was a JR dog and she was a long haired dog.

Meanwhile, I watched Boo-Boo suspiciously, my cat was in the shed too. Tidees (Tid-dees) was an old fat orange and white male cat. He wasnt the most friendliest cat but! He would scratch and bite! But sometimes he was as good as a dog. Tidees and Boo-Boo starred at each other until Boo-Boo broke the silence. He walked up to Tidees and put his paws around his shoulders. It seemed like Tidees was smiling, but all of a sudden Tidees slapped Boo-Boo across the head. Boo-Boo yelped. Tidees gave him a funny smile then walked away.

Pippi wasnt too happy about waiting for her food! Tidees wasnt that happy after all!!

Kiran Quilty
True Story?: