Letters from story contributors

"I feel honoured to be included in such a delightful series of stories."

Joan, New Zealand

"It was a great surprise and pleasure for me to hear from you that my story was chosen. Thank you very much and I wish all the best for this extraordinary project."

Leonie, Germany

"We’re very excited about Fillipa’s story being included, and really hope that the book will sell well and be of great benefit to the rescues. Fillipa was an unwanted show dog, and we’ve also had another retired show dog and a rescue – all Cavaliers, so rescue/recycling is very close to our hearts."

Nicki, Scotland

"It will be a fitting tribute to my wonderful friend who was stolen nearly three years ago (on Election night) 2002. He was an inspiration in loyalty and devotion and I still miss him badly. It is not knowing where he is or who took him and what might have happened – or whether he is still ‘out there’ which makes his loss more acute. However, I am delighted that he will ‘live on’ through this book."

Heather, New Zealand

"I already enjoy the entertaining and clever stories about smart animals emailed to me each week, and plan to write further stories that may appear in future SMARTER than JACK books. I hope this dog book proves as successful as your previous series and look forward to reading it."

Louisa, Scotland

"I am so happy to have my story chosen to be published along with many others in the upcoming edition of SMARTER than JACK."

Vanessa, Australia

"Thank you so much for choosing my story! I’m thrilled to bits! I will be telling absolutely everyone to get their hands on this new book. I just love getting my stories each week. Most of them I must say bring tears to my eyes! I’m sure your job is very hard, sifting through all the wonderful stories you get sent.”

Samantha, Australia

"Thank you – I’m delighted you like the stories. I’ve been interested in animals all my life, much to my family’s chagrin. But then I’ve never understood when other people don’t feel the same way.”

Sharman, Canada

"Thank you for including our dear Jess in your publication. We are very pleased that, in this way, Jessie will live on in the hearts of many."

Sandy, Canada

"I am thrilled Tonia’s story is reaching a wider audience and will help raise money for other disadvantaged animals."

Julie, Australia

"I am utterly thrilled to receive your news.

Dear Coco died in 2002 and my precious mate Milo died last January. I was heart-broken and resolved never to get another dog as it was just too hard to lose him. However, you renewed my confidence and I have brought home from the RSPCA two delightful dogs whose owner had died. One is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Katie, and the other is a black mini schnauzer, Jesse. So we are off on a new adventure."

June, Australia

"I was informed that the book SMARTER than JACK was in my mail when I was away so needless to say I could not wait to get home and open it. When I did open it to Kody’s story I had a reaction like I have never had before – a big smile of pride and tears of sadness rolling down my cheeks for my best friend – I did not know whether to laugh or cry – in the end I did both ‘cause there was Kody’s picture and story for everyone to see and read.

Thank you so very much – I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me. Your book has fulfilled my wish to tell everyone (the world) what a great guy Kody was, how so very special he was as my buddy. Hard even for me to believe but I am still very greatly affected at my loss of his not being with me. I plan to purchase and send some books to my friends and to the veterinarians who cared for Kody."

Stan, Canada