Love makes you Brave

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I have ten children, eight mice and two birds.The birds are Coco which is a girl and Rostam is a boy.

Coco and Rostam fly in our home freely. Rostam is husband of Coco. Coco is very curious about things. She is also tamer. When I stand near their room, she sits near me on a branch which is 20 cm away from me. Rostam always sits about one meter away. He is not keen to come close.

The birds are free to fly in the home. They have their own room and their door is open all of the time. In winter, I turn on a heater in my room and leave my door and their door open so that everyone is warm. 

One day, I was still sleeping in the morning when I heard Rostam complaining about something. I was sure they have enough seed, so I did not get up. I said to him, "Hey, it is very early, go to sleep". He continued complaining, " Jik, Jik, Jik, jik," with an angry tone and non stop. I know his ways when he wants to say, " Hello" or he wants to say, "Look at me, I have made a nice home", or when he is shouting and complaining about something. This time, he was definitely complaining. I was sleepy and so I told him,"Hey, it is still dark. Why are you here in my room? Go to your room and sleep". He continued shouting again. Then he came and sat on top of my head. That was a very brave and unusual move. I looked at him and said, "Do what ever you want. I am not waking up now". He sat near the window and kept nagging and swearing at me.

I finally got up later and I told him to go back to his room.  He did not do as he was told and jumped on top of the door and sat there. I went to their room and did not see Coco. I called, "Coco, where are you?" She was not there. So I went back to my room. Rostam jumped and sat near the window and started shouting at me again. I then heard Coco from behind the curtain. She was sitting behind the curtain near the window and could not escape. I opened the front curtain, took Coco out and brought her back to their room. 

All the time Rostam was trying to wake me up and rescue Coco. He was certainly became brave that day to the extent of sitting on top of my head to wake me up and rescue his wife. 


True story by Shahin of New Zealand





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