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On Mondays it is bin night and we would put out our bins and rubbish bags on the front varendah for the morning but some how they always get torn open with banana skins everywere and bottles scatterd around. No one knows who the culprit is. I thought that perhaps it was a possom, but we were all wrong. In fact it was a stray black and white fluffy mog. We managed to steal a glance now and then of that cat. He had scars and scratches all over him, little dreadlock looking things all over his body and gets scared very easily.

Every monday or any day we would all go outside nice and slowly to try and find Lucky. We are cat people and so we would not hurt him. We could tell he had been treated badly in the past so we want him to have the best future possible. I tried to pat him but if I get too close, he would go.

My sister was very lucky one day when she went out and found him. As she reached over, he came foward and nuzzled his head into her hand. That was the first time for us that he came close and probobly the first time for him as well. Everyone was so happy and so was the cat. It took so long for him to gain our trust but soon that day came. My mother went out the most and patted him all the time. She puts out food for him and water and he gobbles it up as fast as you would have ever seen a cat eat. One day when mum reached over to pat the cat, she heard a purrrrrrr. He purred!!!! For the first time!! I was so excited and happy and jumped up and down with joy.

From then on everyone patted him and loved him. My mother, sister, brother and I wanted him to be ours and us to be his, so we clicked our fingers and said in a high calm voice, "Come here sweetie" and guess what, he came. One of us picked him up and popped him in a cage, I hope he did not think we were going to be mean to him after all this time. Once we placed him in the carry cage we took him to the vet to see if he had been microchipped and to be cleaned up. The vet scanned the back of him with the little device several times but nothing came up. He said that no one had micro chipped him. Also, the fact that he is pretty scruffy, he probably does not belong to anyone and therefore could be ours. I imagine he would have had a tough life, living in the drains, streets and fighting for his food. Soon he won't have to do any of that. The vet said that he was about four years old and that he needed to be wormed and desexed. So that was done.

We took him home and opened up the cage and knew that our new family member needed a name! As we were thinking an advertisement came on the the television and there was a fake black and white fluffy cat that looked exactly the same. It was the Lucky Lotto cat. We all knew then that his name would have to be Lucky. Besides, he is pretty lucky. Now Lucky wanders around our home playing with our other two cats Topaz and Indigo. He bakes in the sun and cuddles us. Lucky is now 10 years old and has had a great time but he still has memories of before we found him, but hopefully that will not happen anymore.

True story by  Grace Osgerby of Australia




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Grace Osgerby
True Story?: 

WOWWWWW this story is

WOWWWWW this story is sooooooooo good go grace!!!!!!!!!! i love it lucky is sooooo cute

Lovelly Story! I have two

Lovelly Story! I have two cats, Garfield and Smokey

Great Story!! I wish I had a

Great Story!! I wish I had a cat too.