Magpie swooping

on Wednesday after school I walked home without a parent or friend. As i passed a dying tree a magpie who had made a nest with twigs and roots in the tree started squeaching. I saw three tiny eggs inside the nest and immediatly knew I was in trouble. The magpie shot off a branch and headed straight for my eye. Thinking quickly I dropped to the ground and covered up my face as if I were playing heads down thumbs up. I felt a hit on my shoulder as thin as a stick and knew it was the magpie's beak. I kept on feeling the stabs until the magpie flew back to its branch. I stayed where I was until I was sure I was safe then finally uncovered my face. I saw the magpie sitting on its branch squawking aggressively. I slowly stood up again and continued walking. Every so often I looked back to make sure the magpie was not following me and every time I looked it was still on its branch glaring and squawking at me until I was out of sight. The next day I brought my bike passed the tree and the magpie flew off and swooped me. Luckily I had my helmet on so the magpie didn't hurt me, but this time the magpie kept on following me while swooping and I was starting to get worried it would swoop under the helmet and make me blind. The magpie kept on swooping my helmet and I relaxed a tiny bit. I soon got to my house with the magpie following. You won't believe what happens next. I opened the door of the house and the magpie flew in! My little sister screamed when the magpie circled above her head. "Jessica get outside while I get dad," I ordered my sister. Jessica (my sister) bravely ran into the back yard not daring to look back. I opened the door of my dad's room and shut it before the magpie flew in. My dad was on the computer writing something. "What's with all the hurry?" my dad asked calmly. "Dad there's a magpie in our house" I replied. Dad looked up from the screen into my eyes. "This isn't another one of your pranks is it?" Dad asked rolling his eyes. "No it's true, go see for yourself," I told my dad. Dad sighed and got off his seet and opened the door. The magpie was in the living room and when it saw the door open it shot for dad's room. Dad gasped and shut the door just in time as a loud thud sounded from the door followed by an ear splitting screach. I heard the beating of wings and did a sigh of relief the magpie was alive. We heard the scream of Jessica as she opened the door again and ran inside shutting it. "Here," she breathed passing dad a big butterfly net. "Thanks," said dad and turned to me. "Caitlin 'cause you have the helmet can you please try catch the magpie with the net?" asked dad. "If i have to," I replied grabbing the net. I opened the door and ran through. The magpie flew for me. I held out the net and the magpie flew in it by accident. I smacked the net on the ground so the magpie couln't escape and held it down. "I've got the magpie," I called. Dad and Jessica walked out of the room and got the magpie out of the net holding it the way we hold our budgies just with two hands. We walked to the dead tree and released the magpie to its home. The magpie squawked as we walked away. I wish I'd bought a camera because no one is going to believe me now!

Caitlin Schmitt
True Story?: