Marly is a pink and grey galah also known as the rose brested cokatoo. He is very clever, he has learnt to dance. He dances when we say dance cocky dance. He also has learnt to do kisses. When he wants a kiss he puffes out his feathers.He has also learnt to talk. He can say hello cocky boy, I want a puppy, Hey Caitlin, (but he just says the Caitlin part)and ttttttt but he can also whistle. I LOVE MARLY.If you really want to see if marly's clever, check out Marly's Big Adventure. These are more storys by the author Caitlin Healy: Deers Drop, Dog Trainig, Tonk Tonks Win#1, The Sad Story, and Marly's Big Adventure.

Caitlin Healy
True Story?: