Marvin - a wildlife carers story

I have often been asked, how did I get into wildlife caring and I will always say we didn’t choose to do wildlife caring, wildlife chose us.

To prove that point I tell people about Marvin. Marvin was and Australian Magpie though when we found him we thought he was just a bundle of black and white feathers and to be honest he wasn’t much more. His body had taken the brunt of some huge trauma, perhaps a car, perhaps something worse and he was racked with disease, thin and emaciated.

Most people would have thought it kinder to end his days and to be honest that crossed my mind. But I had two small children and a dog looking at me with hopeful eyes so I knew it was up to me to “save” this animal. We placed Marvin in a box and proceeded to trawl through the phone book to find someone else to help. We were sure if we took him to the vet looking like he did he would be humanely and quickly dispatched. So we had to find someone who could help us help him.

After many calls we found someone close by and with Marvin in a box and two small children in tow we went to plead our case to save him. We didn’t need to plead, the wildlife carer we went to was marvelous and immediately set to work dealing with all of Marvin’s problems. Her only condition was that we would have to be his carers as she was far too full with other animals and Marvin would need a lot of TLC for quite some time.

It was odd that in that split second the decision was made for us by a carer and more so by an injured bird. Of course we were going to care for Marvin of course we were going to see him get better and live a long and healthy life…and so it was that we became wildlife carers.

Marvin lived with us for many, many years he saw countless other wildlife come in as frightened orphans or with badly injured animals and leave as healthy useful members of their species ready to take their place in the world. But Marvin stayed because Marvin was the constant reminder of why we were doing this. Marvin had brought us into this world and Marvin was here to help us through it. We didn’t choose wildlife (Marvin) chose us.

Kim Alexander
True Story?: