Misty the scooter dog

Picture: Misty on the road


Misty the scooter dog

Fearless terrier Misty takes to the roads on her owner’s scooter in a customised baby carrier - and barks when she wants to go further. The 12-year-old Jack Russell can’t wait to be strapped into her special harness when owner Anne Young puts on her black biker jacket, ready for a spin - and loves her pink mirrored goggles.


Retired staff nurse Ann, 61, says: “When she sees me putting my bike jacket on and getting her harness out, she knows, and gets excited. She barks non-stop till I put her into the carrier. She just loves going on the bike.” The pair first hit the road after Ann – who already owned Misty’s mum, Peewee – got Misty from her uncle 18 months ago. Peewee travelled in Ann’s backpack until she died in January 2016, aged 18.

Ann, of Inverness, says: “After Misty came to live with me, I tried her in the backpack, but she didn’t like it. She barked and managed to get her head out the side.” Undaunted, she decided to try carrying Misty on her front. “I thought if I could get a baby carrier, I could adapt it to carry her. I got one out of a charity shop and tried it out. I just wanted to see how she would react. I lifted her up, put her in, strapped her in and took off on the bike up and down the road, just a short distance, and she loved it. She was just so laid back and relaxed. She’s a character.”

Credit: Sourced and adapted from article at Express.co.uk 


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