Mother tiger and cub

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As many readers of our regular stories will know, Smarter than Jack has specialised in providing true stories about the clever and/or unusual things that our pets do. For many years, these have been submitted by visitors to our website, with the most popular ones being circulated to our subscribers as the Story of the Week or Fortnightly Story. We have now decided to shake things up a bit by changing the style of our stories. From this week onwards, the material for our stories will be sourced in a different way – from our own research of web-based media, we will bring you new and interesting stories about all kinds of animals. Some of them will be doing clever things to show they are smart animals, but that will no longer be the sole focus. Our aim here is to add greater variety by including wild animals, sometimes in the context of environmental and conservation issues that affect their distribution and survival on our planet. Our new fortnightly stories will come from published sources around the world – they may be happy, sad, inspiring, or simply informative. Each fortnight we will give you a link to a story or article containing images, and sometimes a video clip. We believe this will bring a more vibrant reading experience across a wider range of animal topics, but it’s your views that really count, so please give us your feedback on the new format over the coming weeks and months. Finally, we still want to receive your own true animal stories, so please keep sending them in. We will take the best of these and circulate them to all of our readers as some of our future Fortnightly Stories.




Follow the link and enjoy some wonderful pictures of a female tiger playing with her excitable young cub in a river in a specially designated tiger reserve in India. Tiger numbers are falling rapidly in the wild, due to poaching and loss of habitat, and these magnificent animals desperately need reserves, national parks, and other protected areas to give them a chance of survival. If you have had any tiger or other wildlife encounters like this, please share your stories and photos with us!


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