Mum knows best!

We have three girls - Mum and her two daughters from different litters. One of the daughters was named Sentoza. Sentoza was finally of the age to have her own litter and delivered five healthy puppies. The sixth was still born. Sentoza did not take to this mothering gig at all. She left her pups for hours and did not feed them out of her own free will. She did not clean them up and would not sleep with them at night.

My husband and I took turns to sit with Sentoza to ensure she stayed with her pups and fed them. However, one day, not long after their birth we came into the room to see Grandma in the puppies box cleaning them and then lying down to let them suckle. Needless to say, Grandma got milk and we would often catch her letting the pups feed from her. She did an awesome job supplementing their feeds, keeping them warm and clean until they were old enough to be eating their own food. Then she stepped aside.

We were amazed at how strong Grandma's maternal instinct was.


True story by  Nikki Donaldson of Australia



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Nikki Donaldson
True Story?: 

What a heart warming story

What a heart warming story and what a loving Grandma!