My dear departed Oscar

My dear departed Oscar

I’ll let all the cat lovers out there know that this story may make you cry. Picture it, the day before Mother’s Day, I was cuddling my beautiful grey and white cat as the vet inserted the euthanasia injection. Oscar was very calm, he was ready to visit the 'Rainbow Bridge' I was the cot case (although I refused to cry in the veterinary surgery). The decision to euthanise my eight year old moggie, although difficult, was a no-brainer as he was suffering from polyps in the ear and our vet suspected he had a brain tumour as well.

Enough about his passing, Oscar was a joyful cat. He was a good looking boy, grey, white, fluffy and with great big green eyes. We got him from a family friend, free to a good home when he was about eight weeks old. Mum picked him out, naturally, and she asked the lady if he was a female. We wanted a female cat because they don’t fight as much. The lady said yes “Oscar, the kitten is a girl". Mum took her word for it; she wasn’t able to check whether or not the kitten was female as she did not have the correct glasses that day. Baby Oscar came home that day and Mum named him Daisy. A couple of days after his arrival, Mum thought to herself “That kitten has a big head and big feet, I’d better see for myself if baby Oscar is actually a female as we were told.” She found her correct glasses to check and found that baby Oscar was a male. So he had to be renamed Oscar. I will be forever grateful that Mum did not have the correct glasses with her when she picked Oscar.

Oscar the cute fluffy kitten grew up to be Oscar the ridiculously good looking and somewhat grumpy cat. He loved the whole family of course but only I was allowed to pick him up. He idolised his best mate Fred, a big cream tabby who lived for thirteen years until he succumbed to cancer of the mouth, that’s another story. Oscar loved to roam around outside all day and come in at night. He was a hunter. Unfortunately, birds were his specialty and we never saw a rat or a mouse.

One day, Oscar decided to help out one of our very kind neighbours who had taken in a Mynah bird with a broken wing. The neighbour had been looking after this poor bird for about a week and it was apparent the wing wouldn’t heal and the bird would never fly again. Our neighbour told Mum she felt that the best thing for the bird was to put the poor thing out of its misery. The neighbour of course could not bear to do the deed herself and she was not sure what to do. We got a phone call the next day to say that Oscar had killed the bird. Sadly, that problem was solved.

Oscar’s favourite food was roast chicken. Whenever there was chicken, he would appear out of nowhere and howl incessantly until he got his treat. Underneath the grouchy exterior, Oscar was a most affectionate and loyal pet. He would let me cuddle him whenever I needed to and got me through some tough times. Whenever anyone was outside during the day hanging out washing or gardening for example, Oscar was right by their side helping as only cats can. He was my first of many “cuddle cats” and will always be in my heart.

True story by Shannon of Australia

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