My dog Ernie,my bird Tweety,two fish Squidward and Sparky and my snail called Gary

I have a dog called Ernie, a bird called Tweety, two fish called Squidward and Sparky and a snail called Gary. They are all so cute, but we have a problem. My snail keeps eating all the oxy weed in the fish tank. So me and mum have to go to the pet shop to get some more, but thats ok. My job at home is to feed Ernie and change the birds food and water. Sometimes, when my mum is picking me up from school, Ernie’s allowed to come he’s really lucky. I do brownies every Thursday and I want Ernie to come. I hope mum or dad will say yes. On warm days, me and my big brother sometimes take ernie for a walk for some exercise for Ernie and us. We all love our pets they are really amazing.

Olivia Grootelaar
True Story?: