My dying dog

My springer spaniel was coming up to 14 year old, and suffered from severe arthritis, she had run with me on all of my runs during her long life, but now I couldn't even take her for a walk. So when she went off her food and started vomiting for 2 days, I thought it was old age, and wondered about getting the vet, but what can they do for old age? I thought she was getting slightly better, but at 0200 after the 2 days of being unwell, she woke me with sounds of yelping. She was in pain and had come off the sofa and was lying on the carpet with vomit around her. I moved her onto the tiles in the kitchen and lay down beside her with my body down her body lengthwise and put my arm around her and comforted her. The pain was coming in waves, and while laying there I was undecided what to do - do I ring the vet? I must have been there for about 45 mins comforting her and trying to get some sleep, she seemed to quieten down for about 10 mins, and I was comtemplating going back to bed, when all of a sudden I heard chain stoking in her breathing. Being a nurse I knew that pattern of breathing, so I ran to my husband, and turned on the light and yelled out 'Tui is dying', so my husband and I were by her side while she took her last breaths, it did not take long, maybe 5 or 10 mins. I feel privileged to have been able to stay with my Tui while she was dying, and my husband is equally grateful. The next day we buried her in the pet cemetery. A good idea as then we can visit anytime. Thanks Tui for being a wonderful dog to our family. Woof Woof !!

Julie Bickner
True Story?: