My Friend Leesey

As a little girl, I was very fond of sheep. I knew lots about them and I got heaps of advice off my mother. I lived on a farm, and we had 3 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 5 birds, 2 cows, 12 chooks and a duck. We really wanted sheep, but we didn’t want feral ones, we wanted friendly ones. There was a man called Kevin Butler. He lived on a sheep farm and he about 1000 sheep! He really liked sheep and he knew EVERYTHING about them. One day he asked my mum if we wanted a lamb. We said yes and he gave us a little lamb. We called her Sally. Sally was a very important part of the family. She stayed inside and she didn’t know she was a sheep. We handraised her and she was a VERY friendly sheep. About 6 months later, we got another call from Kevin, saying if we wanted 2 of his lambs. We said yes and we went to pick them up. There was a boy and a girl. The girl was very sick but the boy was as good as new. The little girl one was one of the sickest lambs ever. She hadn’t been poisoned or she hadn’t eaten anything bad. She just kept on getting worse and the boy was getting better. We called the boy, Boy, because we weren’t going to keep him so we just called him something short. I called the girl, Leesey. Everybody kept on saying that I shouldn’t get to attached to her because she was going to be dead soon. But I didn’t believe them. I wasn’t going to let her die; I was going to save her. One bright morning, we went out to feed the animals, and I noticed that Boy was dead! Then, I saw Leesey at the back. She was running around, well as new. She looked like Boy, and Boy looked like Leesey. I was sure that Leesey was very sad that her brother had died, but she didn’t look that way. She looked as if she had put a spell on him and all his strength had gone to her. My dream had come true. Leesey did survive! Leesey grew older and she was like a real sheep again. She went out into the paddock with the other sheep and happily grazed. Leesey was my true friend. One day she even saved me from getting head butted by the ram. I was patting all the sheep and the ram chased me into a corner. He lowered his horns, ready to head butt me, but instead, brave little Leesey walked up to me and stood in front of me. She was very brave! Leesey was my sheep now. She was the one that I would go to when my pony was lame. She was the one I turned to when I was angry or upset. She was the one I turned to when one of the animals had died. She was the one that understood what I was saying. She knew how hard life could be. I loved Leesey. When Leesey was old enough, she had a lamb. Sadly, the lamb was too big for her and died coming out. The next time she had another lamb, (witch was this year) she had twins. They were so beautiful! Leesey is my friend, My Friend Leesey!

Kiran Q
True Story?: