Napoleon's Smart Struggle

This happens quite a bit nowadays but the first time it happened I was left sitting on the concrete with my mouth open. I took my rabbit, Napoleon, out of his hutch and put him on my lap for a cuddle, I guess he didn't feel like a cuddle right then. he knew that I loved it when he licked me, I would scratch his head extra well when he did it, which rarely happened. He struggled a bit but I was determind to get a reasonable cuddle out of him so I held on firmly.Suddenly he paused in his struggling and for no apparent reason, started licking my arm madly. I was so surprised and happy so I relaxed a bit and scratched his head. But as soon as Napoleon felt my grip on him loosen that tiny bit he kicked out and as quick as a comet flew out of my grasp. How did he work out that I would loosen as soon as he licked me unless he's smart?

Johanna Meyer
True Story?: 

I think Johanna is pretty

I think Johanna is pretty smart too, to recognise what her pet was doing! :-) Cat's purr when they want you to feed them too!

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