Nestle a very maternal cat




Nestle was a chocolate point Burmese she cat. We bought her when she was the size which could settle comfortably into the pocket of my dressing robe and I often walked around with her settled there. When she was about six months old we had to go to the USA for two weeks, leaving Nestle with my daughter to care for her. I was told on our return to pick up our pet, that it appears she had a great time playing with my youngest granddaughter. At one time my daughter asked the young one what was in the shopping bag she was swinging over her head over and over. It turned out it was Nestle having a great time of it. More on this later. During the process of having her needles she became allergic to one of them and the vet had to take her home with him to keep under constant observation. On collecting her he said she was a very willful cat, which I learned about later. One day my wife and I were sat at the table talking, Nestle was sat on the floor beside my foot constantly meowing talking to me and I was taking no notice. Then she swiped her claws down my leg drawing blood and ran away, as if saying "take that then". I didn't punish her but in future when she talked to me I took notice. From the time she stayed at my daughters place she loved any sort of bag or box. We often let her get into a plastic shopping bag strung between two chairs. She would claw it to pieces playing through the sides with us. One day I had purchased a long coiled rubber snake which she had not seen. When she got into the bag to play I dropped the snake in beside her. Gosh, she sprang straight out of that bag as if shot from a cannon. We were doubled up laughing and when she was shown what it was you could actually see she was embarrassed and she sulked for a while. We are not on good terms with our neighbor and a few times our cat had managed to get over the high fence and could not return and would sit meowing on the other side. So we would lower a bag on string and she would get in to it to be hauled back up to us. A year after she came into our lives we bought her a brother, he was from the same mother but a different father. A friend breeds them, all pedigree. Nestle mothered him and became very maternal, she taught him all he knows, in particular how to hunt. I haven't seen him fetch a snake in doors yet but Nestle was always bringing them in. I was talking to a mate one day, he one end of the table and me at the other. Me in bare feet. I saw that whilst we were talking, Nestle kept dodging under the table and out again. After a few minutes of this I looked under the table and saw this brown snake about 1/2 metre wriggling around too near to my feet. Well I think I have never moved so fast in all my life. I have long kitchen tongs. I don't take life of anything so I give it a fighting chance and flush it down the toilet using the tongs to pick it up. The unlucky captives of the cats are taken down stairs to the hall where they cant get away and where the cats have a game with them before the kill. Of course if we are quick enough we will try to save them. Nestle was always telling us what to do. When to go to bed and when to get up mostly. Also when I had to feed the pond fish because she also wanted a taste. We give the cats a treat each evening of a Gar fish each. They know which it is and cant be fooled into eating anything else and it has to be fresh when purchased or it is a waste of money as they wont eat it. The rest of the time they will only eat dry biscuits. Nestle could open doors and windows if they were not fastened, luckily Timtam, her brother didn't learn to do this. The cats sleep with us and if I happen to make a noise or my snoring changes tone, my wife told me Nestle comes wide awake and seems to be asking if I am OK. On telling her I am OK, she will settle down again. Or if we are sat watching TV and there is a noise around the house somewhere she will look in that direction then look at us asking what we are gong to do about it. We tell her it is OK and she will relax again. The cats did squabble at times. One day Nestle had a bit of a tiff with her brother and she ran past where I was sat and I bent down to pick her up from behind. Well she turned onto my hand so quickly and wrapped herself around it clawing at me. She thought it was Timtam jumping on her. Well when she saw it was myself she let go, also I shouted at her, then she ran away a few steps then turned back and came to me all smiles and seemed to be apologizing for the mistake. Five months ago, Nestle was diagnosed with cancer of the small intestine. She was trying to tell me on a couple of occasions that she was ill. With her face up close to mine looking into my eyes. I tried to understand what she was trying to tell me. If only. We loved her so much we could not imagine being without her. It was late when we realized she was sick and took her to the vet. He was not a hundred percent sure of anything so gave her medication. Then that night she was unsteady on her feet so we took her to the hospital where they admitted her. They operated and later informed us they believed all the growth had been removed we were elated but she was to go on chemotherapy for three months to be sure. Well after two months of chemo and she seemed to be back to normal, her little tummy started to swell and we were then informed that there was no hope the cancer had returned. Again Nestle came up to my face to tell me she was ill. It was heart breaking. She was on pain killers but we had to do the inevitable and had the vet over to euthanize her at home. Her grave is in the garden. Her brother misses her as much as we do after three months and still looks around for her. Now he talks more than he ever did and we believe he is asking after his sister. I do believe in life after death and that we will one day see all our loved ones again.

Albert and Jeanne Webb
True Story?: