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This is the moment a grumpy gorilla was captured on camera cradling his head in a sorrowful, human-like pose. Marcus Westburg, 34, photographed the creature's gloomy expression while visiting the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in southwestern Uganda. The photographer and writer from Germany, who has a passion for primates, has visited them at the stunning location more than 30 times in the past four years. He was observing the gorillas in their natural habitat when he spotted the sullen animal furrowing its brow while slumped in the undergrowth.

“This guy didn't look impressive, or even dignified,” he said. “But his expression and posture is perhaps the most human I have ever seen in a gorilla. He obviously didn't feel that our visit was anything worth getting excited about.” 

Markus added: “They are so incredibly similar to us. Their behaviour, their expressions, even their physiology. The gorillas observe us as much as we observe them, and their different personalities become clear very quickly. It really is a question of them allowing you to enter their world, as opposed to simply not running away from you, like a lion or a zebra. The gorillas know you are there, and they know what you are, but nevertheless decide that you may stay for a while.” 


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