Not one but three goodnight kisses

I had a rescued Border collie named Jess who managed to get three kisses every night.

She was supposed to spend the nights in her bed in the kitchen. Each evening, as I tidied up the room and prepared to turn out the light, I'd find her already curled up in her bed. The routine was that I'd kneel down and give her a pat and kiss the top of her head, saying, 'Night night, sleep tight.' Then I'd go through to the sitting room and plump up the cushion on the sofa and prepare to switch out those lights.

Without fail, I'd find a Border collie curled up in the armchair by the door, pretending to be asleep. I would say, 'Good heavens, I seem to have a second collie', and once again I would kneel down, pat and kiss the top of her head and say, 'Good night, sleep tight.'

Then upstairs I'd go, first into the bathroom and then along the corridor into my bedroom where I'd turn on the light. Who would I find curled up on the bedside rug but a third collie! Once the same ritual had been played out, I would undress and get into bed, switching off the light. The only sound in the dark bedroom was my dear collie thumping her tail on the rug, obviously pleased with her play-acting. Once again she had managed to get three goodnight kisses instead of one, and I just knew she was smiling.


True story by Pat Sequeira of Gt Britain.



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Pat Sequeira
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