An ode to the naughty devil

Well while I call him that, he responded to t he name of Blackie, no points for guessing his colour. As for his breed you can say he was a stray (from the street) hence street smart. His joining our family is a story in itself. My mother a die hard animal lover used to treat him for a huge wound on top of his head (story was that a butcher had taken a shot at him while this fellow was trying to steal his wares) and in fact she was the only one he allowed near him.

Anyway as soon as his wound healed he just disappeared for many, many days with not so much as a goodbye. Then one fine day he again returned with a wound on his leg, he must have assumed that we had some free vet clinic going on. This time the naughty one somehow started sleeping in the hallway in front of our house (you could also blame his staying, on the winters and the free food that my mom offered).

Now before you know he gradually started entering our home, i.e whenever he got a chance, much to the anger of our own dog, Kuttu (a spitz). Soon he realized that we were okay with his coming in and that led to him parking himself permanently inside our home. Being a family of dog lovers we just let this pass. And that I assume was a signal for Blackie to show his antics. Probably my writing wouldn’t justify the extent but let me give it a shot. He was a henchman to Kuttu (who by the way would prefer to attack from behind and that also when he was sure he would succeed) so while Kuttu would signal, our dear blackie would run and chase the other strays.

He (Blackie) just hated badly dressed people or people who walk with their arms swinging, as soon as he saw them he would zero in on them with his eyes narrowed like some combat officer about to strike and he would gradually creep up behind them and as he approached them snarl at them and run away like mad. Once this deed was done he seemed to have immense pleasure, now I don’t know if dogs smile but at that point he used to flash his pearly white teeth as if it was some huge achievement.

Unfortunately you couldn’t say the same for the victim who was on the receiving end and used to be left angry and fuming. Other than that there were other activities as well like chewing up almost five remote controls, chewing my favourite shoes (grr... I used to use that sparingly and then one day I didn’t have to use it at all), stealing kuttu's food, and stretching out himself on the bed/sofa when no one was around (and jumping down immediately with a sheepish look as soon as he saw someone coming). After every such act you might want to yell at him but one look at him, and he would have turned on his charm complete with doggy eyes, and you could do nothing but smile.

It’s going to be almost 2 years since he passed away but we still miss him too much. He was an integral part of our family and brought a smile each day that he was with us. Miss you Blackie, my little devil…..

Remya Nair
True Story?: