Ollie was a long haired ginger neutered male. The day he arrived just by chance,I had made an appointment to get my female long haired ginger cat Baily spayed,I took her to bed with me so her tummy was empty for her op,all night she and another cat Annie hissed and snarled at each other and I couldnt wait till morning,I got up early to find (you guessed it) Baily in the kitchen,I had taken a strange cat to bed.

Ollie loved kittens and would play with neighbors kittens up our drive where I had planted lots of grass. Ollie was a collector. he bought home children's toys,which included a small green football and a hot water bottle top,he regularly raided the neighbors bird tables,for buns and toast and buttered bread.

One day he came home with a peice of crumbed chicken. he dropped it at the back door and headed back down the drive. I followed him to see where he got the chicken from. he had gone to a car across the road with the door open and helped himself to some more kentuckey fried while the owners were having an argument not far away.

Eventually Ollie went to a farm to live for his own safety, after threats by neighbors,when he would saunter up the middle of the road with his tail in the air,refusing to give way to traffic.

Kathleen Ashbridge
True Story?: