Panda and baby


Guo Guo and her cute baby

Panda and baby

Shanghai’s first panda cub was a pink fluff ball upon birth, but the now black-and-white cub has reached its one month milestone. Born to 20-year-old giant panda Guo Guo, the birth of the yet-to-be-named cub was a special occasion for zookeepers at the Shanghai Wildlife Park in China. The healthy and energetic cub was born with a full body length of 14.3 centimetres at 151 grams, compared to the average 120-130 grams, and was therefore dubbed the giant panda cub. A month later, she is now 1,497 grams and 38 centimetres.

The public have been asked to suggest a name for the cub, and more than 10,000 have already been put forward - the name will be announced on 9 September. Although the cub passed the test with flying colours, officials are not taking any risks and are yet to expose her to the public. 'We need to monitor the situation before the panda cub can meet visitors, because Guo Guo is very protective of her and we need to make sure she is emotionally ready to allow her cub to meet people,' said Min Yingguo, director of the park's Animal Management Department. 

The cub has been breast-fed since she was born, and the pair spend most of their time together. Since the public is still unable to see the cub, a camera has been set up to broadcast the duo’s adorable companionship. The footage shows Guo Guo walking over to her cub and spending some affectionate time as she cradles her and allows her daughter to lie on her stomach. The cub will continue to have regular examinations for her health, and the mother’s milk secretion will also continue to be monitored. 

Sourced and adapted from article at MailOnline, UK. 


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