Playing Fetch

Playing fetch

We once lived on a small acreage in Healesville, Victoria. We would walk our two dogs, Rocky the Rottweiler and Penny the collie/shepherd cross, around the property on a daily basis.

By chance, the elderly farmer living next door decided to put a baby calf named Charlie on his property to keep his grass down.

As we walked our dogs each day we would walk past the calf, and our dogs would run back and forth chasing sticks that we found on our paddock. To our amazement, the calf started to run up and down his paddock beside the adjoining fence, keeping pace with the dogs.

Then one day, Charlie the calf was waiting by the fence with a stick in his mouth as we came out to walk the dogs. At first we thought this was a coincidence. The calf then allowed my wife to take the stick from his mouth. She threw it, and he retrieved it just like our dogs, waiting anxiously for the next throw.

After that, the calf would be waiting on his side of the adjoining fence each day to join in with our dogs for his walk, and to play fetch the stick.


True story by Garry and Jean Cowman of Australia.

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Gary & Jean Cowman
True Story?: 

I was told by a rancher that

I was told by a rancher that cows are soooo brainless....well, he just better think again! Charlie is one smart calf!