Police Cat Calvin

Police Cat Calvin

My mum was walking in the cat section of the SPCA looking to adopt a nice cute kitten. She was looking at a fluffy cat in a shared cage with a moggy tabby. She gave the fluffy kitten a cuddle and thought it wouldn’t be fair to only hug one and not the other, so she picked up the mog and gave him cuddles too. He put one paw on either side of my mum’s neck as if to give her a big hug and say “I love you – please take me home” After that display – she simply had to take him home. How could she resist? He never did that big cat hug again.

Calvin lived with them for a few years earning his keep with proud donations of rats and mice, but it was his actions one night that really proved how much he loved my mum and dad. Calvin always slept on the end of mum and dad’s bed – every night without fail. In the middle of one night he started meowing and making all sorts of noises, and walking over mum and dad – trying to wake them up. When they woke up, they could hear a noise – someone was trying to break into their place through the ranch slider. Calvin had heard it, and was trying to wake mum and dad and warn them.

Dad got up, and went out to the lounge to investigate – sure enough, there was a man trying the locks on the ranch slider. Dad turned the lights on, and the bad guy took off down the driveway. No damage was done; nothing was taken – all thanks to Calvin and his sharp ears. Mum and dad had Calvin for many lovely years, but Calvin ran away when they moved across the city to another house. Perhaps he was trying to find his way back home to his old place.

True Story By Simon Mead, aged 10, Paunaui, New Zealand

Simon Mead
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