Prepared to defend


Prepared to defend


Sally was all bluff when I first met her. She is a very tall, jet black dog. Her owner, Jane told me that she was a rescue puppy from RSPCA and they think she is a mix of Kelpie, Labrador and Husky. Sally barked as I approached her front gate but then retreated once I entered.

Jane, also informed me of how Sally had been a very sociable dog. Sally had excelled in puppy school even though she had missed many classes due to Jane working full time.
Jane also explained that Sally was not the same dog now since she came to live in the new house, six months after Jane's divorce. Sally was now frightened of both new people and dogs of all sizes.

I got to know Sally very well. I quickly discovered that Sally indeed was highly intelligent. Of all dogs that I had walked or looked after, Sally was very obedient and cooperative. I would sometimes panic as to where she was and then I would see she was walking directly behind me.

Both myself and Jane felt this obedience was simply as a result of her fear of being lost, left behind or being alone. Maybe it was, but then one day I found myself walking an eight month old miniature poodle named Millie, along with Sally.

As we approached the dog park, not expecting anything, I told Sally that she must look after Millie. After a short while a youngish labrador came bounding at Millie with little awareness of his own strength. Well, before I knew it Sally came marching straight towards the labrador without even flinching. In no time the labrador had quickly moved on his way. Shortly after, the labrador's owner came over to comment on how the large black dog seemed to be guarding the poodle.

Jane and I still were not convinced that Sally could be so brave. Well a few weeks later I was out walking in another park with a friend with a small one year old Jack Russel cross named Jack. Again I told Sally to look after the other small dog.

After a time, as we were walking, a solid staffy came to play with Jack. This all went well for a time and Sally just seemed to be keeping a keen eye on the staffy until the staffy began to place his mouth around Jack's neck. Again Sally as she had done before, began to walk purposefully but silently and directly towards the staffy. In no time the staffy cleared out.

I have read that when a dog barks and growls it is simply a warning but when they mean business, they make no sound and just move directly to their target.

This certainly proves that Sally was brave enough to put aside her own fears to protect another.

True story by Vivian Miles of Australia





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