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An exciting new Smarter than Jack book has been released for 2009.

It is the first book in a new series focussing on wildlife. It features a wide-ranging collection of fascinating stories on the rescue and rehabilitation of native wildlife that will make you laugh, make you cry, break your heart, make you angry and help you believe in miracles again.

Every day, animals living in the wild become sick, injured or orphaned, for a variety of reasons - vehicle accidents, dog or cat attacks, poisoning, habitat loss or shooting.

Fortunately, some of these animals are given a second chance through the remarkable work of wildlife rehabilitators, an amazing group of dedicated volunteers who take needy animals into their care. They arrange for veterinary treatment, and temporarily provide a protected environment until the animal recovers and can be released back into the wild. The true stories for this book have been provided by these people.

There are 43 wonderful stories about the care and treatment given to owls, penguins, dolphins, koalas, flying foxes, platypus, kangaroos, eagles, turtles, echidna and many other native animals in Australia and New Zealand. It is illustrated in colour, black and white.

184 pages

220mm x 135mm (8.66 " x 5.31")



1.   IFAW Asia Pacific

      Tania Duratovic - Emergency Relief Responder

"This beautiful book is rich with wisdom, inspiration and sound advice. It is education with a smile and an invitation to open your heart to the unique animals all around us. It is a tribute to those brave and compassionate people all over this country who give their time, money and love so selflessly to help those creatures whose suffering would otherwise go unnoticed, and whose cause would go unchampioned. Their stories are pure joy."


2.   Australian Wildlife Hospital

      Gail Gipp - Manager

"Rescued! enthralls readers with true stories of sick, injured and orphaned Australian native animals and the unsung heroes who are prepared to step in to help them in their time of need. These stories combine to not only demonstrate the magnificence of Australia's wildlife, but they carry a powerful message too - that every individual animal is unique and precious, and that saving one animal is the stepping stone to saving an entire species. I encourage every Australian to read this book."




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