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81 true stories. You’ll see rescued animals quite differently.

Do you think that there's something special about animals who have been rescued from adversity? We do, and the stories in this book prove it.

People from all over the world submitted their true stories for this edition in the entertaining SMARTER than JACK series.

You’ll find out how:

  • Jess the dog saved a fox pup
  • Little Girl the cat chose her new family
  • Bumpus the rat performed the 'rat dance'
  • Juniper the goat got a new leg
  • Kitt Kitt the cat loved riding motorbikes

It includes a special colour section with photos of some of the lovely animals featured in the stories.

Rescued animals are SMARTER than JACK ISBN 0-9582703-1-7
Smart Rescued Animals ISBN 0-9582571-0-8

160 pages

148mm x 210mm (5¾" x 8¼"), paperback

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