The Rescued Seagul

Nathon was a seagull.
Unlike most seagulls he had a special trick none of them had found out yet. But was Nathon a smart seagull? You're about to find out!

The story started when his best friend Monty.
"Please Nathon," Monty pleaded, "I know you have a secret in catching fish. Anyone can see that when you come home with about twenty fish while everyone else has about one. Do you really think you need all the fish
when one can fill you perfectly? Stop your trick and hunt like the rest of us do. You become lazier and lazier each day it'll come to a time when you won't leave your nest."
"Never" Nathon hissed, "and what's wrong with being lazy?"
"Being lazy does bad to your wings. If you don't use your wings they'll forget how to flap and when they forget they never remember" Monty replied. "Who said I wasn't using my wings?" Nathon said angrily walking away,
"This conversation is over," Nathon decided to go get a dozen fish. What harm could it do?
Nathon flew to the beach where humans were fishing. Inside each bucket he saw a number of fish. If the humans had lots of fish it meant there was lots of fish in the water right now! Nathon flew behind a few rocks where his secret was. An old fishing net was there, he grabbed it with his talons and with it in his claws he flew to the ocean and let it rush through the water collecting anything in the way. Suddenly he heard Monty's scream "Nathon look out." But he was too late. A hook from some string on a rod hooked around his leg. Nathon sceamed as it pulled him foward. He lost his grip on the net and let it sink in the water and stay there forever. The human holding the rod told his friend,
"Oh it's a big one mate." That made Nathon scream more.
"I don't want to be eaten." He heard Monty snigger to another seagull, "serves him right for being so greedy."
"Yeah" the other seagul replied. Soon Nathon was dangling in the air in front of the man. Nathon twisted and turned, flapped and flipped but it was useless. This was the last of his life.
"I'm too younge to die," he cried. The two men started laughing. "Nice catch. It's very big," one man laughed.
"What's so funny?" Nathon asked knowing they wouldn't answer. To Nathon's suprise one of the men untangled the fishing rope and threw Nathon to the sky. Nathon started flapping as fast as he could until he reached Monty and the other bird. They were both laughing so hard they could barely breathe. "You thought you were going to be eaten!" Monty laughed.
"It's not funny," Nathon hissed though he was grinning "I've learned my lessen. I will never get more than is needed again."

And from that day on Nathon was more polite and not greedy at all. Though Monty made a habit quite similar to that afterwoods.

Caitlin Schmitt
True Story?: