Ripley Believe It Or Not

It starts off with my dad and I looking for a special dog. This dog would have to get along with Cats and our Sheep. We started looking at the pound and then we started looking in the paper. NO LUCK!!!! So we stopped looking.

Then a couple months later a dog found my dad. When this occured my dad was sitting outside with friends and enjoying a fire (bonfire). This was shortly before dark. This dog walked up my dads' very long driveway and then decided to sit down next to my dad. When my dad noticed the dog my dad tried to get him to leave (the dog). But it didn't happen the way he wanted it to. The dog just kept around and going back to where my dad was.

The next day my dad and his friend made flyers for the lost dog. After several days of no responses my dad decided to keep the dog. That's when my dad picked the name Ripley.

He's an awesome Australian Blue Heeler. Also known as a Australian Shepard (Cattle Dog). My guess is he was left by a family that was in town for the winter (Snow Birds). Your probably wondering how he knew which gentlemen was my dad. Of course I can't answer that because I wasn't there. To learn more please email me at

Elizabeth A. Roll
True Story?: