The Sad Story

ONE day, after my fish Pop Pop died, we went to get another fish to replace it. BUT I saw somthing else that caught my eye. It was a hermit crab. So instead of geting a fish I got a crab. I called him Hermit Mac Dermit. I loved him so dearly but after one week he died.................................

.A few weeks later, I decided to get another one, and I also came home with two golden apple snails. I called them Amy and James and the crab's name was Pointer. I called him Pointer becuase he had a big point in his shell.I slept happily that night but still I did not know what was going to happen tomorow !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I woke up the next morning to find Amy looking a bit sad. Then I looked left of the tank to find James lying there dead. I was very sad, but there was still things to come.

About two days later, Pointer came out of his shell. We rushed around town to look for another shell. When we came back, Pointer was still alive. "Thank goodness" I said, but that night Pointer died. I found out the next morning when I woke up and ran over to Amy's tank. She looked very sad. Oh no! Pointer's not dead is he? Then all of a sudden, Amy's antenna pointed in the direction of Pointer's tank. I rushed over to find Pointer dead.

Caitlin Healy
True Story?: