Sequel to My dying dog - 5 weeks on

My Tui dog had passed away, after 4 weeks, my cat Foxy showed me just how he missed his mate. One evening when I came home from work late, he awoke from his bed on the couch, and appeared to look at Tui's photo on the speaker just about 2 metres from where he was sleeping. He then jumped off the couch and reached up from the floor stretching up to the speaker where the photo was. Then he walked away about a foot, then turned his head and stared wide eyed at the photo of Tui, then turned away again then stared again at the photo for a 2nd time, then a couple of minutes later jumped up on the table where the speaker was sitting and reached up again towards the photo. There was definintely something in those gestures that spoke to me of his loss. We miss you Tui, and so does Foxy :)

Julie Bickner
True Story?: