Sheba took her duties seriously



Sheba took her duties seriously



Sheba was one of four puppies left at the gate of my sister's boarding kennels. She was the runt of the litter and we decided to keep her. She grew up with my children and they could not go anywhere without her following.


My parents had a holiday house at Tinopai and the kids loved to go swimming whenever they could. As they splashed around with their armbands and kickboards, Sheba would be paddling around and looking after her brood. But once she had had enough, everyone had to get out of the water.


First she would take one kickboard to shore, using her mouth. She would then swim out for the next, much to the kids' disgust as by then they knew what was in store. She would swim out, grab hold of an armband and, as it deflated, proceed to tow the disgruntled child ashore. With the child safely on the beach, she would head out to retieve the other child, who by this time was trying desperately to get ashore before she too had only one armband.


Another time, the kids were playing at the neighbours' house. I called them to come home for their bath and dinner. Just as they were getting into the bath we heard a terrible noise coming from the driveway. We looked out to see Sheba with the handle of a plastic ride-on motorbike in her mouth, pulling the bike home. Once in the gate, she dropped it and turned smartly back up the road to get the other bike.


The kids are adults now. They tell me that Sheba should have been named 'Mum'.


True story by Odele Fenton of New Zealand





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