the small but courageous little bonnie

When I first heard that cats have 9 lives i thought it was a nuisance but when i discovered my small white maltese terrier had 9 lives i realised it was true as she has had 8 close to death experiences.

After falling down stairs, being on death row, getting hit by a car, having really bad gastroe,being concused for a hour,being attacked by extremely big dogs, finding out she had a disease that she had to have an operation to fix, nearly being trampled by a cow.

She has had a rough 8 years. Bonnie is 15 cm tall and 10 years old she loves attention and lots of hugs. She is also very smart for a dog. One day she didn't have any water in her bowl so she flipped her quite heavy water bowl over with her paw and she scratched at it to get my attention.

Another time was when she got the pillow from the couch, stood up on it and pulled it down. She then circled around it and lay down. I just hope that her 9th life won't come soon.

True Story?: