Smart Ethel!

Today I got a chick from Santa. My sister also recieved one. We made a big fuss and argued on which chick we would have. Eventually, I got the darker one. Mum told us to take the chicks outside into the garden. So we went outside and realised that the chicks were really close friends(probably sisters) and if one was taken away, the other would start cheeping. I named my chick Ethel, and my sister named hers Shiny. I got bored and went inside to get a book. I sat outside, put Ethel on my lap and started reading. While I was reading, I watched Ethel escaping out of my lap. How? Well, she started off running to one side of my lap and then to the other side, when she suddenly remembered she had wings! So she flew up on to my leg and hopped down the other side. My sister's chick also hopped out and then the chicks just kept playing. I laughed and watched them a bit more and went back to reading. I will never forget that day!

Selina Lin
True Story?: 

Haha, that would be cool to

Haha, that would be cool to see, I hope Ethel is being good.