The SMARTER than JACK story

How SMARTER than JACK started

SMARTER than JACK was created by Jenny Campbell. Here’s Jenny's story about how the smart animal books came to be.

Until late 1999 my life was a seemingly endless search for the elusive ‘fulfilment’. I had this feeling that I was put on this earth to make a difference, but I had no idea how. This all left me feeling rather frustrated, lonely and unhappy. I’d always had a creative streak and loved animals. In my early years I spent many hours designing things such as horse saddles, covers and cat and dog beds. I even did a stint doing professional pet photography.

Then I remembered something I was once told; do something for the right reasons and good things will come. So that’s what I did. I set about creating Smarter than Jack. All the profit was to go to the SPCA.

Good things did come. People were thrilled to be a part of the book, many were first-time writers. Readers were entertained and many were delighted to receive the book as a gift. It was short-listed for the Bookseller’s Choice Award 2003. The SPCA was over $43,000 better off and I received many calls, letters and emails from people with other ideas they would like to see come to life. What could be better than that?

How could I stop there! It was like I had created a living thing with Smarter than Jack; it seemed to have a life all of its own. I now had the responsibility of evolving it. It had to continue to benefit society by both providing entertainment, warmth and something that people can feel part of. What an awesome responsibility and opportunity, albeit a bit of a scary one!





 Smarter than Jack is a Bronze Accredited
Premier New Zealand Bestsellers
Finalist in the Emerging
Exporter of the Year
award category 2006