Sniffy & Lifty

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I have a cat called Sniffy and a dog called Lifty. Sniffy is an adopted little 3-year-old girl jet black cat. Lifty is a little 13-week old girl golden retriever. One day Lifty wanted to play with Sniffy (I think Lifty thought sniffy was a dog). Sniffy didn’t like dogs. When Lifty put her front paws on the bench that Sniffy was sitting on; Sniffy flung her left paw at Lifty and hissed. Lifty thought that this was a very fun game to play. So Lifty did the same thing as she did before. But Sniffy just couldn’t take this any more. She launched herself at Lifty and scratched her on the nose. Lifty jumped and ran over to me. I ran inside and got a tissue and wiped the scratch. There was a little tiny dot of blood on the tissue. I thought about putting a bandaid on her, but I didn’t. Lifty whimpered so I hugged and kissed her. Sniffy jumped onto her cat pole and gave a little grin.
Now Lifty tries to avoid Sniffy, but she still wants to play a little bit!

Catherine B
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