Story of a sitting pig

I am now a retired pig farmer. I farmed and bred pigs for forty four years.

Some years ago, one of my sows stood on a piglet's foot and injured the piglet, so I took it up to the house where it could be looked after until its foot was mended. I also had a pet duck wandering around the garden. After a few weeks the pig and the duck became mates, and in the morning at breakfast time there would be the duck, the pig, the cat and the dog all eating their food at the same time. 


Well, here is the real story. The duck had laid a batch of eggs, which I didn't know about. The piglet was now around two months old, and after all the animals had eaten their breakfast the piglet would disappear. This went on for around ten days, so one day I went round very quietly and followed the piglet.


The piglet was a bit smart too, because as I was following, it would stop, listen and look around to make sure that it wasn't followed. Eventually I saw to my amazement that the duck had laid twenty three eggs (not fertile). The duck was sitting on about three quarters of the eggs (and this is the amazing bonding between animals and the piglet was lying across the rest of the eggs. 


It was staggering to watch the piglet step over the eggs. It seemed to know not to break any, which it didn't. It would very slowly and gently lie down on the eggs. This went on for ten days until the duck knew the eggs weren't any good.

True story by Ted Hosking of Australia







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