The Story of Sam, Lolly, Thunder and Squidge

Sam is my little brown male quail. I bourght him at a market. My brother also bourght a white female quail called Lolly. Lolly and Sam were the only quails we had. They scrambled around at the bottom of our bird avirey, while the 3 other birds Afro Jack, Red and Fudge kept their company.

Lolly had a flock of chicks, Sam sat on them. If he got off them, Lolly would race after him and chase him around the pen till he sat back on the eggs. The chicks never suirvived though.

In one flock of chicks, our cat got in and ate 4, 2 drowned so that left us with Thunder and Squidge. Squige was a cute little female chick and Thunder was a little male. Squidge was the most intelligent quail though. She jumped up and down, chased her little brother and climed on the rocks.

Thunder didnt like that he was being bashed up by his big sister. One day, Thunder dissapeared. I lookied all around the aviary. Thunder was gone! Thunder was probably taken away by the mice in the aviary, and thats when the problem started. Soon after that, Squidge dissapeared too!

So it was just Sam and Lolly. Poor Lolly got her head stuck under the water cotainer and was left to die. I wish i could of saved her life :(. We moved all the birds and Sam into a small cage untill the mice were gone. Sam was the reason we had mice so we gave him to my BFFL.

Charlotte (BFFL) had HEAPS of quails because they found them all running around at their drive way. I gave Sam a hug and put him in the car. I was lucky that i could see him when i went to my freinds.

True Story?: