Here's what some of the animal welfare organizations we work with have said about SMARTER than JACK:

"I thoroughly enjoyed SMARTER than JACK and was thrilled that RSPCA Australia played a part in this ground-breaking book series.The books have helped to show people just how smart animals are and this one is no exception. RSPCAs in Australia have also benefited by over $60,000 from sales of the first edition"

Dr Hugh Wirth, AM, President, RSPCA Australia

"You really have created something very impressive and special, with the potential to do so much good."

Susan Richmond, Co-Executive Director, Humane Society of New York

"What better way to help improve people's respect for animals than to illustrate how smart animals really are."

Jackie Ballard, Director General, RSPCA England and Wales

"The American Humane Association believes the powerful bond between humans and animals is often expresed by the acts of 'smart animals'. We are proud to particpate with Smarter than Jack in celebrating these wonderful creatures that share our lives."

Marie Belew Wheatley, President and CEO, American Humane

"It goes without saying that to create a best-selling series of books about smart animals requires a smart entreprenuer. Jenny Campbell of Avocado Press is just that. From modest beginings she has, through utter determination and talent, established a successful publishing business with a social conscience. And we are delighted that she chose animal welfare as a benefactor to that conscience."

Peter Mason, President, Royal New Zealand SPCA

"We think the Smarter than Jack program and reading materials are an important part of humane education, which is the only way we will stop the problem of pet overpopulation and cruelty to animals. The books are great for children and we plan to promote them when we go out on ‘tour’- to the local mall and to other community events."

Lisa Beyer, Vice President and Publicity Chair, Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc.

"We are thrilled to be part of this terrific program, Smarter than Jack. Creator Jenny Campbell has hit on a wonderful combination of producing heart-warming books of animal stories with a revenue program to help animal welfare organizations. It’s fun, easy and doesn’t require a large time commitment from us to make it work. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Jenny and her team and we highly recommend other animal welfare groups do the same."

Shelagh MacDonald, Programs Director, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

"We are thrilled to join forces with such an innovative and exciting program. Not only do the books themselves entertain and inspire with stories that will make people see animals for the unique, intelligent creatures that they are, but the money that can be raised by selling the books, can help improve the lives of so many animals in need. Nothing is smarter than that!"

Jennie Taylor Martin, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

What a fantastic way to celebrate the spirit and splendor of the animals in our lives...you have really captured the magnificence of our animal friends."

Heather Irving, Executive Director, P.E.I. Humane Society

"Compassion is born out of understanding. This wonderful collection of true New Zealand stories will open you eyes to the intelligence and intuition of our fellow creatures. It will not only change the way you think about animals, but also how you view peoples’ treatment of them."

Peter Mason, SPCA National President

"Jeff Davis County Humane Society is proud to be part of the SMARTER than JACK program. Great stories. Great humane education. Smart fundraising."

Laura Langham, Co-founder and Manager, Jeff Davis County Humane Society

"Humane Society of Elmore County applauds SMARTER than JACK's innovative fundraising program. We all love to share animal stories, now people can turn that passion into raising funds for their local humane society."

Rea Cord, Director, Humane Society of Elmore County

“The American Humane Association believe the powerful bond between humans and animals is often expressed by the acts of ‘smart’ animals. We are proud to participate with Smarter than Jack in celebrating these wonderful creatures that share our lives.

Marie Belew Wheatley, President and CEO, American Humane

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