Topaz the Spanish Stray

There were a lot of stray cats around Javea,Spain, most of them abandoned by people that suddenly left Spain and did not want to take their pets back with them.

It was on a warm sunny afternoon Kay and Mac were sitting on the terrace near the carport, we herd a meow. They looked towards the carport and saw a scraggy white cat looking through the carport gate at us. Kay called him over and saw he was so thin he could easily walk through the horizontal bars of the gate. He seemed very friendly and just kept meowing at Kay and Mac, They noticed he had gorgeous blue eyes the colour of the gem stone topaz. Kay and Mac did not know how to address him so named him Topaz to which he later always responded.

There were cuts around his face as if he had been putting it into a sharp edged tin to get scarps of food. Kay decided to get him some food, which he gulped down in no time and started meowing for more. Kay said to Topaz, ‘not till I have cleaned you up. While Mac kept Topaz busy Kay went and got some warm water, towels and antiseptic cream. While Mac held Topaz, Kay started to clean him up and treat his cuts. Topaz did not like this and meowed louder. This alerted Seville and Domingo who gingerly came from the villa to see what was going on.

They sat about six feet away, watching as Kay slowly finished making Topaz more comfortable. Seville looked at Domingo and said, ‘don’t like the look of this, he seems to be getting an awful lot of attention from our mum.’ ‘Cat you see Seville, he’s hurt and looks very thin, our mum is kind to cats and is only helping him.’ ‘Well as long as he doesn’t think he’s going to live here that’s ok.’

Topaz was looking a lot cleaner now, and the cuts didn’t look so bad, but as Kay put him down Topaz ran away into the carport, obviously not expecting the experience he had just received from Kay. ‘Oh good he’s gone,’ said Seville.’ Kay went and got some more food and put it on the Terrace. Despite the unpleasant experience of being cleaned and having his cuts treated the draw of more food was too much for Topaz and he returned eventually downing a whole tin of cat food.

Seville and Domingo were ever watchful and remained in the doorway to the villa as if guarding their home from this unknown intruder. Topaz too kept his distance and did not go towards Seville or Domingo but remained on the terrace. Having eaten his fill Topaz seemed very relaxed and started to lick his paws and clean himself, eventually curling up and going to sleep.

Mac and Kay went about their daily chores and left the cats to themselves. Topaz became a regular visitor to Mac and Kay’s villa, and always got a good meal, despite this it seemed he still could not resist eating out of tin cans in the rubbish bins and still turned up on occasions with cuts on his face, and Kay would once again clean him up.

On one visit Seville and Domingo were present, and as Topaz was busy eating he slowly walked towards Topaz, stopping each time Topaz stopped eating to see what Seville was doing. Seville eventually got to Topaz and started sniffing him.

Mackenzie Moulton
True Story?: