The Voice of My Friend

I just had the most beautiful dream. I dreamed I was on a field trip visiting a huge factory where they process animals to be killed. I saw thousands of chickens awaiting their death. They were waiting to go into this machine where they would be grinded and killed alive. I saw soo many. The chickens and I both knew they're miserable destiny that lied ahead. As they were falling off into the killing machine, I made eye contact with one. We stared at eachother. It was as if I was looking into her soul. She looked so sad and my heart was filled with compassion, without hesitating I picked her up and carried her into my arms. I was a little worried about what I was going to do with this chicken. I was worried about the plant catching me or my teachers finding out. Then, as we were leaving on to the school bus. I hid my new friend into my bag. We were sitting in one of the seats on the bus, there I took her out we began to look straight at eachother again. I couldn't tell if I was in a dream or not. So I asked God to protect her always and to keep her safe. The chicken began to hug me over and over. I could feel white feathers covering my tears. I was so sad that I wasnt there for her in the past and wasnt sure if I would always be, because I was unsure if it was a dream or not. She understood my heart completley. She kissed me a few times while hugging me and told me "don't cry, I know you're not always with me." She was beautiful. The love I felt in my heart is immense. When I woke, I had tears in my eyes still. I learned just because you don't hear them speak doesn't mean they don't have a voice.

Nephiteri Sancho
True Story?: