Wings my spiecial little kitten

Last year in 2011 just after I set my baby bunnies free my Mum brought me a kitten from the local SPCA. When I went into the kittens room a young tabby kitten that looks like an ossy cat, climbed onto my shoulders and started purring it didnt matter for me what kitten I got as long as it had a nice personality and my kitten did.
She chose me so I chose her.

Wings is just over a year old and now she likes coming with me to catch the horses because the horses all love her and follow her around in the paddock half the time I think she might get trampled by one of the stations horses. She is the cutest and sweetsest kitten i've known and I love her lots shes my spiecial kitten. Shes really adventurous and loves playing with anything.

When I first got her she'd sleep with me then wake me up at six o clock by licking my face. The only bird shes ever caught was a dead one.
Shes truly beautiful and sweet natured.

The cutest picture of her wouldnt load sorry :)

Jade Baxter
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