Yuletide... with cats.

Whatever you may call it, this is a time of year for festivities. However... if you share space with a cat (or more) it can be a time of frustration and unexpected surprises.

I will say straight off that our cats are WELL past the point of cutely destructive, so the holiday season sends them both off there rockers. Way to many shiny things to even consider being polite.

Now, anyone that's wrapped a gift can attest that it can be a bit of a chore. That chore however becomes a question of WHY when you have a wide eyed ball of fur (and claws) named Guinness leap out of some dark corner of the room to firmly (and painfully) attach herself to the arm that had ALMOST finished tying the ribbon to the gift in question.

Soon after I finished wrapping the gift (and detaching a rather over-interested cat)I went downstairs to set it under to tree, and to get ready for the next set of presents.

However... much to my chagrin, no sooner did I turn my back when I heard a ripping sound. Now Guinness has a brother (Fritz), and when they don't have a real plan there minds work closely enough to seem like they do.

It amazes me how most of the time they feign innocence, but once they get there claws in something they deem FANTASTIC!!! they will not let go no matter what anyone else says.

I wonder if there is a cat version of coal in the stocking... (please let it be a puppy!!!)

Blaine Kuefler
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